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The Nasty Party


Since the war we have had 31 years of Labour government and 47 years (or 60% of the 78 years) of Tory government. More recently, we have had 12 long years of increasingly right wing nastiness that has become the hallmark of Tory government. But, now the madness of Corbyn has exited stage-left, it is time for some gentle moral and pragmatic common-sense to settle on Westminster and for the nasty...

Free for all markets


There has been for many decades now a blind belief in the “free market” as the way ahead. The simple lesson of history is that markets are inherently unstable and only work where they are controlled by regulation.

Brexit – project piffle


Remain campaigners, when laying out the likely consequences of Brexit, have often been accused of creating a false sense of calamity and fear; Project Fear. This despite the fact that most professional institutions agree that it could cause serious damage to our economy and the evidence is mounting that it will. Whether or not you believe these warnings they are at least based on detailed...

Brexit and Democracy


There are those that say a win is a win, usually accompanied by; so get over it. However, this is not athletics where, however close the result, a win is indeed a win. Nor is it a general election, run on the “first past the post” basis in individual constituencies, where a win is a win but its effect is local and a national picture only emerges by combining 650 of these individual...

Bexit – the start


Much of the text of this first post was written in anger in 2016 immediately after the UK referendum vote to leave the EU. After two years of listening to the ill-informed mud slinging that has passed for debate over this period,  there is very little I would change. So I have posted here. The Referendum – the problem The referendum was an outrageous abuse of the democratic process and if...

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