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Mega Dairies – Mega Problems


What is a Mega Dairy? There is no precise definition of a mega-dairy. A farm of 1000 cows grazed on a suitable acreage, milked once a day and over-wintered in sheds is not a mega-dairy. In contrast, the same number of cows held in sheds 24/7 all year, feed on a diet to increase milk yield and milked three times a day… that’s a Mega Dairy. It could be just 500 cows and it would still...

Slurry – a beginners guide


This is a general overview… Slurry for Dummies! To properly understand the physical and biological processes that go to form slurry and its impact on the environment involves many disciplines. There is a great deal of authoritative research and other literature written on the subject but it is mostly either very discursive or very specialist. I have not found a clear and accessible account...

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