The Nasty Party


Since the war we have had 31 years of Labour government and 47 years (or 60% of the 78 years) of Tory government. More recently, we have had 12 long years of increasingly right wing nastiness that has become the hallmark of Tory government. But, now the madness of Corbyn has exited stage-left, it is time for some gentle moral and pragmatic common-sense to settle on Westminster and for the nasty...

What I will try and do


The following are just some of the things that I will try and do as your elected District Councillor. I stood as a Liberal Democrat as I believe they have policies that address the needs of the area but local government should not be about unquestioning loyalty to a political faith. It should be about working with the communities it serves to solve problems in a sensible and realistic way...

DVA: where to get help


Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) is not uncommon. According to the independent charity Fact Checker, 26% of women aged 16-59 report having experienced some kind of domestic abuse as adults. 15% of men report the same. But there is help. The following lists just some of the organisations that can provide help and support. DVA services in Devon Splitz – Devon Domestic Abuse Support Service —...

The Iniquitous MIF


Universal Credit (UC) includes a concept called the Minimum Income Floor (MIF) which is the minimum income that will be used when calculating a benefit. If one earns below this amount … tough cookie. The idea behind it is that the state should not be supporting people whose income is low due to being involved with a failed or failing business. That would appear to be a reasonable goal if the...

Lib Dems – Green Policies


Contents 1 Introduction 2 Justifications 3 The Five Green Laws 4 Related Policies 5 Local Policies 6 References 1 Introduction The Lib Dems have developed a range of so-called Green Policies which have received a great deal of support from a variety of independent organisations. For instance: Friends of the Earth campaigner Dave Timms said: “These are welcome and ambitious measures to end the...

Free for all markets


There has been for many decades now a blind belief in the “free market” as the way ahead. The simple lesson of history is that markets are inherently unstable and only work where they are controlled by regulation.

Our house is on fire


Greta Thunberg sums the situation up. It is one of the most articulate pleas for action and for common-sense to prevail that I have heard from anyone. She is 16. In the UK she would not have a vote!



Local Councils are being given increasing autonomy by central government and while this may be a good thing in principle it can only bring real benefit if a council conducts its affairs in an open, inclusive and transparent way. If it does, there is a real opportunity for local democracy to flourish and for communities to feel they have some control over their destiny. Unfortunately I believe...

The Regulator’s Code


Today a report was published that revealed how our railway system is governed. It is a pretty damning assessment of how a fragmented industry cannot function without proper channels of communication and leadership. It seems to me that our regulation of the environment suffers from the same fragmentation. There is a corpus of good environment legislation that, were it to be effectively applied...

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